East vs West

How many Western women have tried face-sitting?

In Japan it is practiced daily by most adult women as part of their typical sexual repertoire.

The pitiful range of sexual practices observed in the West would make the average Western woman a laughing stock throughout Asia.

Femdom in Asia is mainstream

The shame of aping men

Real women don’t act and dress like men. Where would the profit be in such behavior?

Femdom involves consciously manipulating a man by using his desires in your favour; controlling him by your attire, manner, gait, voice, body language and femininity.

A dog barks and a cat meows. Nobody wants to hear a barking cat. If you’re a woman, stop barking and start acting like a woman.

Some men are learning

F’male confusion

F’male women are women who think they’re men.

The presence of breasts and monthly periods doesn’t seem to be reminder enough that they’re certainly not men.

And we’re not talking lesbians, sportswomen or female body builders here. We’re talking about mainstream women who have simply lost the plot entirely and embraced f’maledom.

Hit the books

It’s time to hit the books.

There are a vast range of sexual skills that you can learn, from countless resources:

  • literature (Karma Sutra, Venus in Furs, The Story of O, The Sexual Life of Catherine M, Anais Nin etc)
  • DVD (Japan has an almost limitless range of femdom videos available)
  • web

Let go of your pride.

Have a little humility. Recognise that you may not be the sexual tyrannosaurus you might imagine yourself to be.

Make him obsessed with your ass

Sexual retards

Most modern women are still in their sexual adolescence. Having passed through pubescence with little or no sexual guidance, they consider themselves sexually competent. How come?

The ability to open your legs, provide oral sex and/or a few extras hardly constitutes a wide range of sexual abilities. Many women don’t even know how to dress sexually.

Taunt him

Put your tights on for sex